2014-01-16- Risten2 Meeting

sátni.org meeting

Planning for a release Feb. 6

Tasks left to do:

Critical parts:

  • set up proper domains (not just redirection)
  • make the domains trigger user interface language (báhko.org -> smj version, etc., fallback to 'se' if not found)
  • implement Bjørn's design, with more feedback from the SD
    • proper logos (black and white, with transparent background)
    • SD and UiT logos should be UI language-bound (ie if you switch the UI language, also the logo should switch so that the text in the logo matches the UI language)
  • look at the UI language selection interface
  • UI in smj, sma, fi, sv (other languages?)
  • fix remaining article display bugs
  • proper names for all dictionaries and term collections, localised if possible
  • "About the dictionaries" tab (display metadata of the collections)
  • update metadata for all dictionaries
  • make a separate "satniorg" user for running the eXist process, make sure the process is automatically started after a system restart (or process failure)
    • eXist for production

Less critical, but should be implemented before the release:

  • "About sátni.org" tab
  • some statistical info (on the "About sátni.org" tab):
    • number of words/entries
    • number of dictionaries
    • list of languages available, both for lookup and translation
  • proper import and dictionary names for the Termwiki data
    • one big dictionary with topic classification or one dictionary pr namespace?

If time permits:

  • more content

We have less than three weeks left till release - 12 working days. Can we make it? We need to be able to answer that next Tuesday morning.


  • contact SD and UiT-IT about getting the domains properly set up (Sjur)
  • decide how to organise the Termwiki data (one dict or namespace dicts) ( Sjur, Tomi, Børre, SD?)
  • set up proper names for the Termwiki data (autogenerated metadata?) (Tomi)
  • start work on the UI redesign: ( Tomi)
    • add correct UiT and SD logos
    • redo the footer
    • add feedback url (feedback@divvun.no, to be changed to sátni.org@divvun.no later)

About automatic updates from the Termwiki, and cooperation with them:

  • they have not added new terms lately (only spammer activity)
  • instead they have published Excel sheets with new terminology

Tasks for Børre for the Termwiki (after corpus work is done):

  • import and integrate:
    • mekanikktermer
    • justermer
  • improve the interface (discuss with Giellagáldu what is not good enough)
  • make it easy to upload new terms (excel sheets, simple word lists)
  • report problem entries in the Termwiki to Giellagáldu (automatic reports after each export to sátni.org):
    • terms with no namespace
    • concepts with no terms

But also make it clear that any terminology developed by Giellagáldu outside Termwiki will NOT be included in any of GT/Divvun's tools.