2014-03-19- Risten2 Meeting

Sátni.org meeting

Tomi has been working on:

  • dictionary list is working
  • pressing enter doesn't refresh the page anymore
  • settings dialog reworked
  • modularized the view component

User-visible changes since the release:

  • enter does not refresh page anymore
  • settings dialog does not cover the whole page anymore

Issues to work on:

  • IE issues:
    • Máret Laila on IE 9 - works on and off
    • IE 8&9 uses non-standard AJAX calls / asynchronous json request (IE XDomainRequest vs jQuery XMLHttpRequest)
      • Tomi has added a library to handle these differences, but it doesn't work reliably
      • do we need another library to handle the IE peculiarities?
  • mobile version? yes : ) (see details below)
  • automatic updates from termwiki (once a week for now)

Mobile-optimised version

Only changes needed:

  • dictionary list as drop-down menu
  • click on hit to view entry -> new view to the right (with back button to get back to the hit list)

The rest is done quite nicely with the bootstrap system as it is.

To test the mobile version:

  • make the browser window really narrow
  • use FF/Chrome in the latest versions, and select a mobile user agent
  • when ready for release, ask others to test on their phones