Debugging Source Documentation

When compiling your language, the compiler tells you there is an Error in the compilation of documentation. Now what? This document shows the most common errors and how to avoid them.

Common errors

The most common errors in the generated documentation are the following:

1. You go directly from header level 3 (!!!) to header level 1 (!).

2. You include square brackets, e.g. from a twolc rule, say:

   a:0 <=> _ b [ c|d ] ;  

, and jspwiki thinks it is an url link with illegal form

3. You have unbalanced marking, say you intend


but write


The former is correct and gives boldface, the latter will break the complation.

How to find errors

How to write documentation

The jspwiki rules are treated elsewhere, here we look at debugging.

In langs/LANG/doc, do:

make -B

Forrest will tell what file is broken.

Here some advices

  • Plan your documentation
    • Don't include text if you do not mean it
    • The double exclamation mark !! does not mean "very important", it means "will be included in a document"
  • Read the resulting documentation and see whether it makes any sense.