Semantic Tags

Se also seperate pages on compound, syntax and dependency tags.

Guidelines for semantic tagging of proper nouns

The tags used are the following:

  • +Sem/Ani
  • +Sem/Fem
  • +Sem/Mal
  • +Sem/Obj
  • +Sem/Org
  • +Sem/Plc
  • +Sem/Sur

If +Sem/Plc, then +Sem/Sur is added in the affixfile, except for Saami placenames

Other combination tags (objplc, femsur, malfem, objplc, orgsur, malplc, surmal, femplc) are lexical.

Semantic tagging of other lemmas


Note the tag format when the same entry has more than one tag:


All combinations shall be listed in the file root.lexc. In the cg3-files there will be sets:

Sem/Tagname1 = Sem/Tagname1 Sem/Tagname1_Tagname2
Sem/Tagname2 = Sem/Tagname1_Tagname2

Documentation on the tags forthcoming.