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This is free and open source Cornish morphology.

Cornish morphology

First, we declare multicharacter symbols


  • +N +V +A
  • +Adv +CC +CS +Interj +Pron +Num +Pr
  • +Smut +Mmut +Pmut +Amut for mutation
  • +Symbol = independent symbols in the text stream, like £, €, ©

Verbal MSP

+Prs +Fut +Prt +Prf +Ipf +Plf +Ind +Imp +Sbj +Inf +Sit ! what is +Sit? +Pos +Neg +ConNeg +1Sg +2Sg +3Sg +1Pl +2Pl +3Pl +Impers +Ptc +VN

Nominal MSP

+Sg +Pl +P +Nom +Acc +Gen +Ord

Pronominal MSP

+Suff +Emph +Indef +Msc +Fem

Diacritical marks, to trigger morphophonological rules. The "%" symbol literalises the next symbol

%^S %^A %^P %^M %^V %^E %> %^D %^UML %^CD %^TRUNC %^STDEL


e3 e to o in plural a4 o4 Umlaut phonemes, changing to e

Symbols that need to be escaped on the lower side (towards twolc):

Literal »
Literal «
  %[%>%]  - Literal >
  %[%<%]  - Literal <

Flag diacritics

We have manually optimised the structure of our lexicon using following flag diacritics to restrict morhpological combinatorics - only allow compounds with verbs if the verb is further derived into a noun again:

@P.NeedNoun.ON@ (Dis)allow compounds with verbs unless nominalised
@D.NeedNoun.ON@ (Dis)allow compounds with verbs unless nominalised
@C.NeedNoun@ (Dis)allow compounds with verbs unless nominalised

For languages that allow compounding, the following flag diacritics are needed to control position-based compounding restrictions for nominals. Their use is handled automatically if combined with +CmpN/xxx tags. If not used, they will do no harm.

@P.CmpFrst.FALSE@ Require that words tagged as such only appear first
@D.CmpPref.TRUE@ Block such words from entering ENDLEX
@P.CmpPref.FALSE@ Block these words from making further compounds
@D.CmpLast.TRUE@ Block such words from entering R
@D.CmpNone.TRUE@ Combines with the next tag to prohibit compounding
@U.CmpNone.FALSE@ Combines with the prev tag to prohibit compounding
@P.CmpOnly.TRUE@ Sets a flag to indicate that the word has passed R
@D.CmpOnly.FALSE@ Disallow words coming directly from root.

Use the following flag diacritics to control downcasing of derived proper nouns (e.g. Finnish Pariisi -> pariisilainen). See e.g. North Sámi for how to use these flags. There exists a ready-made regex that will do the actual down-casing given the proper use of these flags.

@U.Cap.Obl@ Allowing downcasing of derived names: deatnulasj.
@U.Cap.Opt@ Allowing downcasing of derived names: deatnulasj.

Key lexicon

  • LEXICON Root