FST issues

From nêhiyawêtân discussion June 18th

orthography discussion

  1. SRO preference over syllabics in teaching: SRO preserves obviousness of morphology-- but morphological awareness is not necessarily crucial to initial learning (more necessary for specialists/linguists or adults, not kids).
  2. Need to pick one, though


  1. numerals FST needs to be updated - native studies orthography is slightly different from normative FST orthography, show answer: correct spelling suggestions returns incorrect suggestions : Fixed, but it should be proofread. The files are
    1. crk/src/transcriptions/transcriptor-numbers-digit2text.lexc
    2. crk/src/transcriptions/transcriptor-money-digit2text.lexc
    3. crk/src/transcriptions/transcriptor-date-digit2text.lexc
    4. crk/src/transcriptions/transcriptor-clock-digit2text.lexc

Locative and Distributive for nouns:

  1. probably best to separate these, because there are more changes involved from the locative. Needs a tag. Atticus

From NDS discussion June 19th

  • imperatives not for all verbs (remove them from FST?)
  • weather verbs never pl (remove them from FST, -> IICONJ-SG)
  • rain : kimiwan - remove Loc from FST?
  • Missing verb forms in FST (4-5)