Meeting on the crk project:

Present: Antti, Conor, Lene, Trond.


  • how to resume work on Plains Cree (and Haida)
  • what would work for demonstrating at Miyo, now at Muskwacis
  • The language-technological pre-CILLDI workshop
  • Lene's visit

How to resume work on Plains Cree (and Haida)


Jordan has been updated on tags (category / property) Jordan will contact Trond/Sjur to get the gt environment working. Haida is otherwise postponed until Jordan comes.

Status quo:

Nouns (disregarding +Dim):

atim, iskwew, maniway are ok. Do they represent all noun types? Nouns for relatives/possession...

Intransitive verbs

  • Ok: mâto VAI, miciso VAI, nipâ VAI (Lemma = nipâw?)
  • Fail: wapam (but this is VTA!)

The other intransitive types are missing from yaml.

Transitive verbs

  • Ok: atoskah VTA-1, wicih VTA-1
  • Fail: wâpam VT-1, mow VTA-1

The failed ones are almost ok (+Imp is not quite there)

These only represent VTA-1, we need to cover all types in yaml, also 2-4 and VTI.


We have a start. They should be added, brute force.


Todo: Add the missing ones and correct errors.

Flag diacritics

Trond is revising the flag diacritics:

  • Earlier: one flag per person-number value (1sg, 2sg, 3sg, 1pl...)
  • Now, tentatively: one flag per prefix (NI, KI, NULL)

This process must be finished, Trond to do that.


Lexicalising them?

  1. Add isis or most often is to most nouns
  2. if the noun contais t, all are changed to c
  3. when the word ends in a vowwl...
  4. For some nouns, the dim ending is osis

The problematic word here are "most" and "some".

PRO lexicalising:

  • easier to have a dictionary entry: cf. "woman", "girl"
  • easier morphology

PRO grammatical treatment:

  • All nouns have diminutives (hmm, but not the diminutives...)

A mixed solution?

Divide the lexicon in two:

  1. the special cases (no morph Dim process)
  2. the general case of +Dim: is

This could be done like this:

  • exceptions:
    • atim +N --> infl lexicon
    • aciosis +N+Dim --> infl lexicon
  • the general case:
    • minôs +N --> the dim derivation lexicon --> infl lexicon

atim: tem

atim:atim IRREGULARDECL "dog" ;
mistatim IRREGULARDECL "horse" ; ! mistatimwa
atim:têm IRREGULARINFL "dog-possessed" ; !this is the stem for atim when it is inflected for person
  • you send the stem atim of the lemma atim here: IRREGULARDECL
  • you send the stem têm of the lemma atim here IRREGULARINFL

why tem IRREGULARINFL is wrong? because: the lemma of têm is not têm but atim.


a t i m +N +Pl = 6 symbols in the upper representation (upper of lexc)
a t i m w a k = 7 symbols in the lower representation (lower of twolc)

(skipping the lower lexc = upper twolc: a t i m %> w a k etc... in the middle there)

  1. to the left of : you find the upper
  2. to the right of : you find the lower

The yaml files have upper to the left and lower to the right of colon


On all words? On inanimates only? We will have to look at that.


  • Earle Waugh (10000 entries)
  • HCW (5000 entries)

Kaidi could search for all entries where the two dictionaries and the grammar do (not) agree.

what would work for demonstrating at Miyo, now at Muskwacis

With respect to the Miyo visit, -- what sort of program we want to set up - the focus would be on how their school works and how they intend to develop things, so we'd have to figure what types of things we'd like to learn on that Monday Jan 20th.

Goal for the visit: Go there to look and learn.

Issues to fix on our side before the jan 20th deadline:

  • The dictionary as-such and in text (this we have)
    • (we need some more words in the dictionary, at least some VTA)
    • main/words/dicts/crkeng/script/1c2x.pl (csv to xml)
    • thereafter add the output to main/words/dicts/crkeng/src
    • Trond will then add the updated xml files to pikiskwewina.
    • Example input: atim<tab>N<tab>dog For more advaced xml: look at e.g. smenob or something
  • Spellchecker (dependent upon getting crk into LO
    • or we could do crk as another lg: Trond to look into that
  • Paradigm generation
  • Text analysis on the web (Trond to add crk there)

svn mail

Does not work (No one in Edmonton gets svn mail). Trond: Look into that.

The language-technological pre-CILLDI workshop


The weekend before CILLDI.


To be discussed.

Lene's visit

  • Formalities immigration: Invitation letter, duration, etc.
  • May-July pluss September-November
  • Accomodation

So, we have the general parameters in place, and the weather will be nice.