Meeting June 22

Participants: Antti, Atticus

Work Plan for FST:


1. Implement 3, 4, 5 persons; ambiguous tags. Make sure you do in LEXC and YAML at the same time. 2. Add -wici- -m- forms 3. Add -ikawi- unspecified actor suffix 4. fix VTA 5 definition/conj. This is the same as VTA 1 but the IMM IMP add <-i> to stem. 6. include reciprocals and ensure they show up only in the sg. 7. Go through IICONJ and verify with Arok which are SG or Pl only. Infrastructure for this is implemented, there just needs to be coding in the stems file to redirect to relevant lexica. After II verbs, Do this process systematically for AICONJ, TICONJ and TACONJ verbs.

These will take more work and research to implement:

8. Implementation of <ka-> for conjunct (line 68 in affixes/verbs.lexc). Do research to determine how kâ- interacts with the verb and CNJ forms, and how we will code this. 9. Deal with 2 letter preverb issues 10. Allow for analysis of -h- forms, but not generation of it


1. -chi forms 2. <-m> possession (some nouns are not coded in the right lexicon to allow for -m suffix). Discuss the forms that do this with Arok. If it’s fuzzy, allow for both possession options, but if it categorically the case that a noun is possessed in one way or another, code it as such.


Make the assessment file for the UCRK analyzer easier to read, then put into Google Drive/Plains Cree Finite State Morphology/WolfartTexts/Analyses. Arok will then go through the list. Perhaps he can see if there are preverbs that categorically cannot occur in certain analyses.