Test diary

Test results for the morphology and lexicon files

This document documents the testing of the parser and disambiguator.

Test results for morphology and lexicon

Vocabualry testing

The following table records recall for word forms in various texts. Here we measure coverage of the vocabulary, by recording all word forms that are not recognised.

Test 1   Wftot   Wf-tkn %-recall  Tytot  Wf-typ %-recall
080202 2300493  1965452   85.4 %  97475   49561   50.8 %
080203 2300493  1984809   86.2 %  97475   49643   50.9 %
090301 2304632  2154827   93.5 %  97282   61074   62.8 %

Test 1   Wftot   Wf-tkn %-recall  Tytot  Wf-typ %-recall
090301   18911   18221    96.3 %   2690    2240   83.3 %
Explaining the table

Lower token than type percentage indicates that the parser misses common words more often than seldom ones.

Lower type than token percentage (which is the case) indicates that the parser is good at the core vocabulary, but has lacunas in the overall vocabulary.

Each text is given a separate section in the table, ordered chronologically, with the oldest test case (Test 1) at the bottom. The first line of each section gives the name of the file (note: the files of the test cases 2 and 3 are so changed that these two test cases are closed). Each line represents a test run. The first colum gives the test date (in the format ddmmyy), the second (WFtot) the total number of words in the file question, the third (Wf-tkn) the number of recognised word form tokens, and the percentage compared to the total. The next columns does the same for wordform types (cf. below for the commands used to calculate the numbers).

cat filename | preprocess --abbr=bin/abbr.txt | wc -l

cat filename | preprocess --abbr=bin/abbr.txt | lookup -flags mbTT -utf8 bin/fao.fst
 | grep '\?' | grep -v CLB | wc -l

Wf-tkn = Wftot - Non_recognised_wf

%-recall = Wf-tkn * 100 / Wftot
Tytot (Total number of wordform types):
cat filename | preprocess --abbr=bin/abbr.txt | sort | uniq | wc -l

Non_recognised_wt (Number of non-analysed wordform types:
cat filename | preprocess --abbr=bin/abbr.txt | sort | uniq |
lookup -flags mbTT -utf8 bin/fao.fst | grep '\?' | grep -v CLB | wc -l

Wf-typ (Number of recognised wordform types)
Wf-typ = Tytot - Non_recognised_wt

%-recall = Wf-typ * 100 / Tytot

If the text is taken from our new /usr/local/share/fao/gt corpus, then
the "cat filename" part should be replaced with
catxml --title --input /usr/local/share/fao/gt/
and thereafter catalogue name and file name.

Grammatical testing

Part of speech testing

There has not been a systematic testing of the morphology. A first step for that would be to scan in the paradigms in the dictionary, pair them with grammatical information, and then run the paradigm procedure in the testing/ catalogue.


Adjectives are not completed


The noun classes are included but should be tested, by setting up a testbed, scanned in from the dictionary.


There are classes not yet implemented omong the strong verbs.

Testing the disambiguator


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