Adjective classification

Adjectives are words that are inflected like nouns, with few additions. For adjectives, the comparative derivations are usually allowed and the possessive suffixes are unlikely. The syntactic adjectives that do not have comparative derivations are nouns, if they have nominal inflection, or particles, if they do not inflect. The examples you need to find the correct classification are same as for nouns, with addition of comparative and superlative.

The classification of adjectives combines the stem changes, the final allomorph selection and the harmony. See the list from:

Adjective examples examples:

  • aakkostettu: aakkostettu+A+Sg+Nom
  • aakkostettuja: aakkostettu+A+Pl+Par
  • aakkostetut: aakkostettu+A+Pl+Nom
  • aakkostetumpi: aakkostettu+A+Comp+Sg+Nom
  • aakkostetumpina: aakkostettu+A+Comp+Pl+Ess
  • aakkostetuin: aakkostettu+A+Superl+Sg+Nom
  • aakkostetuimmat: aakkostettu+A+Superl+Pl+Nom