Adverb classification

Adverbs are a heterogenous mass of words with defective inflectional, usually sourced from various forms of nominals. It would be possible to classify adverbs along etymology and semantics, but we do not yet use such classification. Only the morphology is recorded in the continuation classes and analyses.

The classification of the adverbs in morphology goes along the possessives and clitics they take or require:

Adverbs examples:

  • aakkosellisesti: aakkosellisesti+Adv
  • aakkosellisestikin: aakkosellisesti+Adv+Foc/kin
  • mukaani: mukaan+Adv+PxSg1
  • mukaamme: mukaan+Adv+PxPl1
  • ajassa: ajassa+Adv
  • ajassako: ajassa+Adv+Qst