Haida Keyboard Suggestion

This document contains a suggestion for two different Northern Haida keyboards, one for fast typing and one for occasional typing.

Haida keyboard layout with Haida letters on level 1, 2

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
w e t y u i o p
a s d g h j k l -
x c b n m - - -

The replaced letters q, r, f, z, v are accessed by holding down the alt key and pressing the respective key.

Test versions of this keyboard fro Macintosh may be downloaded, cf. Haida kayboard.

The two files in the hdn folder must be copied to ~/Library/Keyboard Layouts. Thereafter go to Control Panel > Keylayout > Meyboard input method.

Press the '+' button, and Haida should be under the entry "Other".

Issues: The accented vowels are under alt e (acute) and alt u (umlaut). TODO: Add them as follows:

  • ä shift C11 + vowel
  • á etc. C11 + vowel

Haida keyboard layout with Haida letters on level 3, 4

  • k̲ = alt k
  • g̲ = alt g
  • x̲ = alt x
  • x̂ = alt r
  • ĝ = alt q

This keyboard will function for occasional typing of Haida text. It has not been implemented yet.