Norwegian Bokmål morphological analyser !


  • Multichar_Symbols

Part of speech

  • +CLBfinal Sentence final abbreviated expression ending in full stop, so that the full stop is ambiguous
  • +Symbol = independent symbols in the text stream, like £, €, ©

NDS analyser tags


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+Use/Circ circular string

+Der/AAdv Adjectives are also adverbs +Der/NomAct verb +ing +Der1

Normativity and other usage tags

Paradigm generation

Tags for abbreviation handling

Semantic tags


Symbols that need to be escaped on the lower side (towards twolc):

Literal »
Literal «
  %[%>%]  - Literal >
  %[%<%]  - Literal <


  • +Cmp/Hyph -
  • +CmpNP/None -
  • +CmpNP/First -

Language codes

  • +OLang/SME - North Sámi
  • +OLang/SMJ - Lule Sámi
  • +OLang/SMA - South Sámi
  • +OLang/FIN - Finnish
  • +OLang/SWE - Swedish
  • +OLang/NOB - Norw. bokmål
  • +OLang/NNO - Norw. nynorsk
  • +OLang/ENG - English
  • +OLang/RUS - Russian
  • +OLang/UND - Undefined

Flag diacritics

Flags for ErrOrth

  • @C.ErrOrth@ -
  • @D.ErrOrth.ON@ -
  • @P.ErrOrth.ON@ -
  • @R.ErrOrth.ON@ -

Flags for compounding

We have manually optimised the structure of our lexicon using following flag diacritics to restrict morhpological combinatorics - only allow compounds with verbs if the verb is further derived into a noun again:

@P.NeedNoun.ON@ (Dis)allow compounds with verbs unless nominalised
@D.NeedNoun.ON@ (Dis)allow compounds with verbs unless nominalised
@C.NeedNoun@ (Dis)allow compounds with verbs unless nominalised

For languages that allow compounding, the following flag diacritics are needed to control position-based compounding restrictions for nominals. Their use is handled automatically if combined with +CmpN/xxx tags. If not used, they will do no harm.

@P.CmpFrst.FALSE@ Require that words tagged as such only appear first
@D.CmpPref.TRUE@ Block such words from entering ENDLEX
@P.CmpPref.FALSE@ Block these words from making further compounds
@D.CmpLast.TRUE@ Block such words from entering R
@D.CmpNone.TRUE@ Combines with the next tag to prohibit compounding
@U.CmpNone.FALSE@ Combines with the prev tag to prohibit compounding
@P.CmpOnly.TRUE@ Sets a flag to indicate that the word has passed R
@D.CmpOnly.FALSE@ Disallow words coming directly from root.

The tags are of the following form:

  • +CmpNP/xxx - Normative (N), Position (P), ie the tag describes what position the tagged word can be in in a compound
  • +CmpN/xxx - Normative (N) form ie the tag describes what form the tagged word should use when making compounds
  • +Cmp/xxx - Descriptive compounding tags, ie tags that describes what form a word actually is using in a compound

This entry / word should be in the following position(s):

  • +CmpNP/All - ... in all positions, default, this tag does not have to be written
  • +CmpNP/First - ... only be first part in a compound or alone
  • +CmpNP/Pref - ... only first part in a compound, NEVER alone
  • +CmpNP/Last - ... only be last part in a compound or alone
  • +CmpNP/Suff - ... only last part in a compound, NEVER alone
  • +CmpNP/None - ... does not take part in compounds
  • +CmpNP/Only - ... only be part of a compound, i.e. can never be used alone, but can appear in any position

Flags for governing initial capital

Use the following flag diacritics to control downcasing of derived proper nouns (e.g. Finnish Pariisi -> pariisilainen). See e.g. North Sámi for how to use these flags. There exists a ready-made regex that will do the actual down-casing given the proper use of these flags.

@U.Cap.Obl@ Allowing downcasing of derived names: deatnulasj.
@U.Cap.Opt@ Allowing downcasing of derived names: deatnulasj.

Flags for preprocessing

  • @P.Pmatch.Backtrack@ -

Basic lexica, pointing to the other lexicon files

  • LEXICON Root
  • FinalNoun ; for -skap etc. that is affix rather than compound
  • ShortNounRoot ; 2- and 3-letter words
  • NounRoot ; The rest
  • ProperNoun ;
  • AdjectivePrefix ;
  • VerbRoot ;
  • Adverb ;
  • Subjunction ;
  • Conjunction ;
  • Preposition ;
  • Interjection ;
  • Pronoun ;
  • Numeral ;
  • Punctuation ;
  • Symbols ;
  • Abbreviation ;
  • Acronym-smi ;
  • +Use/NG: Nynorsk ; Accepts nno forms, does not generate
  • LEXICON AdjectivePrefix -
  • kjempe AdjectiveRoot ; -
  • super AdjectiveRoot ; -
  • AdjectiveRoot ; -
  • LEXICON Abbreviation -
  • Abbreviation-nob ; -
  • Abbreviation-smi ; -
  • LEXICON ProperNoun Lexicon for NOB short names - always require hyphen Lexicon for short names - always require hyphen SMI proper nouns contains the full nob name list