Converting To Apertium

Apertium is a machine translation platform, we use it a.o. for sme-sma.

Converting the fst

In order to convert the North Sami fst to Apertium, do the following, in langs/sme:

./configure --with-hfst --enable-apertium
cd src
make analyser-apertium-norm.att
gzip -9 analyser-apertium-norm.att
cp analyser-apertium-norm.att.gz /path/to/your/apertium/nursery/apertium-sme-sme/apertium-sme-sma.sme.att.gz 
  • Then compile in the apertium folder, and check that everything is well.
  • Then check in the apertium-sme-sma.sme.att.gz file.

Documenting the conversion setup