Errors addressed so far (may 2011):

  • dårlege originalfiler - gjev ugyldig xml
    • desse blir fanga opp i dag
  • kodefeil - desse gjev gyldig xml, men meiningslause bokstavar
    • utf-som-macroman
    • utf-som-latin1
    • utf-som-html-hex
    • utf-som-html-entitet
  • skannefeil/ocr-feil - desse gjev meiningsfulle bokstavar, men meiningslaus tekst
    • đ-som ó, osv.
  • bad sentence-delimitation: one real sentence is one fragment in one language, 3 fragments in the other -> alignment goes bunk
  • files freecorpus/converted/sme/admin/others/
    • STM200420050011000SE_PDFS.pdf.xml STM200420050044000SE_PDFS.pdf.xml have encoding errors that đ is represented as   and the document is full of  's; thus these files should be deleted
    • file OTP200620070025000SE_PDFS.pdf.xml has paragraphs with content '--------' so it should be deleted.
    • file STM200320040010000SE_PDFA.pdf.xml has so many errors, it should be rescanned
    • uito-ohpenplana.txt.xml the original file is corrupted