Configuring UpdatingMT Server


This is the documentation for how to configure and update the MT interfaces at

  • https: //
  • https: //
  • https: //

The translation daemon/server is running under the user "apy" on the server gtweb (, and the html pages also reside under the home directory of that user (hosted by the regular Apache server). The whole configuration is hosted in git as where you can read more about how to install new pairs, update the code for apertium-apy/apertium-html-pages, or reinstall everything in case the server explodes.

Ensuring current pairs are up-to-date

ssh into gtweb and run

sudo dnf clean metadata
sudo dnf upgrade -y
sudo systemctl restart apy

The dnf upgrade should happen every morning, but if Tino's nightly repo needs a lot of time to compile, or the build service is down, things may lag a bit more. Look at the bottom of http: // if you're interested in what might have happened.

What versions are running?, and are running the packages from Tino's nightly repo, so they should be at most 24 hours out-of-date, given the build wasn't broken (if the version in SVN doesn't compile when Tino's machine tries updating, the package isn't updated). There are some more details at /home/apy/ on gtweb.

(https: // TinoDidriksen: nightly/apertium-sme-nob shows the latest available nightly sme-nob package, while http: // shows the build log of that package.)

How do I see unknown words?

ssh gtweb /home/apy/dump-missing-words

If jorgal is down

The page may give the message Oversettelse ikke tilgjengelig!

This command should help:

  ssh -t gtweb
    sudo systemctl restart apy