Working Plan2014

This is an obsolete working plan from 2014, for historical reference.

  • Lexical selection
    • Update existing sme-nob.lex to the new rule format:
      is done: apertium-sme-nob.sme-nob.lex
    • Improve the rules:
      The old rules are moved into the new format. The work now is to make more rules
  • Lexical coverage
    • Add dictionary and propernoun entries to the bidix
    • Correct the entries:
      • add g3, nomag
      • correct the lemma form to be the same as in lexc
      • add remaining lemmas to lexc
    • Start looking at lexicon holes
  • Linguistic rules
    • is next
  • Semantic tags, we want
    • semtags for the disambiguation and the lexical selection rules
    • semtags after the PoS
    • only one semtag for each N, that means that lemmas with more than one, e.g. Sem/Org and Sem/Plc, must get a common one, e.g. Sem/OrgPlc
    • a semtag for all nouns, that means a dummy for those which don't have any yet: Sem/Dummy ?
    • We have to add semtags to the bidix
    • Alternative would be generating sets from LEXC, according to the semtags. These sets have to be added both to the disambiguation+functions-file and to the apertium-sme-nob.sme-nob.lex