Meeting on smn-dictionaries and cifu-talk

Edmonton, Inari, Rotterdam 18.6.

Present: Lene, Marja-Liisa, Trond, Ryan, Erika

Meeting on smn

  • Structure of presentation
  • NDS

Structure of presentation

  • School system
  • Revitalisation
  • Technical implementation



We need the interface in Inari Saami.


  • Run a new version of the translation
  • Translate into snm
  • run localization process (Ryan)
  • localize the tags (currently in norwegian)
  • complete the tag paradigm

Clear definition of the xml to be used? When we need to clean up entries in fin-smn...

Conversion from csv to xml

Ciprian + linguists:

Analyse the content and scipt the different fields. We analysed the lemma field last meeting, more fields (with more issues!) to come.


Context info, format of paradigms (Friday next week).

Next meeting

After discussion with Ciprian.