Meeting 03.7.15.

Lene, Marja-Liisa, Trond, Ciprian, Miina


  1. The plan for our Inari project
  2. cifu-presentation
  3. Plans for research work in Canada (mostly relevant for Lene and Trond , but ok to sit in on for people in Tromsø)

The plan for our Inari project

The detail in the planning was written in the TeamWorkPlan-document.


We are waiting for the results of our work to add to the presentation. Everybody can contribute to the presentation itself, and we will each other work by reading the svn incheck. Have a dry run August 12th?

Canada articles

Trond and Lene had a discussion and made a plan. Lene will write an email to Antti, Atticus, Megan with Trond as CC.