Putting Up Error Messages

When programs are down, it is polite to tell the users. We have ready-written messages (and more can be added):

For each program with an error:

  1. Go to the relevant html file (see below), comment in the relevant message, and check in the file.
  2. Then go to the relevant cataloge on victorio (univ_ for univ_, etc), do svn up, and thereafter restart the server.

Remember to remove the message when the error is fixed.

List of files that have error banners:

All the files are found in ped/LANG_oahpa/LANG_drill/templates (where LANG is univ_ or language code):

  • Morfa: mgame.html
  • Leksa: leksa.html
  • Vasta: vasta.html
  • Sahka: sahka.html
  • Numra: num.html

Some oahpa versions may not have ready-made error messages. If that is the case, go to univ_ and copy from there.