We use Constraint Grammar (CG) for analysing input to Sahka and Vasta.


In order to make it run:

Copy the file oahpa/sme/src/sme-ped.cg3 to /opt/smi/sme/bin on gtoahpa.

TODO: We are about to migrate to new filenames. Make sure the info given here is up to date.

There is a Makefile in oahpa/sme/src as well, it compiles sme-ped.cg3.bin.

The .bin file is dependent upon being compiled with a vislcg3 compiler not older than the vislcg3 that runs it. Therefore, we do not use the .bin file, but rather the .cg3 file.

The command for calling the cg3 file is found in oahpa/drill/