Preferably in jpg-format. Collect the images and scale them to size, where width of the image is 150-180px (perhaps we should decide which size). Height of the picture can be anything. Internet Exporer requires this size, the other browsers will work regardless of the size of the image.

Store the images to directory ped/oahpa/media/img/ (replace /oahpa/ with /LANG_oahpa/ for other languages), with the same name as they are specified in the dialoguefile.xml. In dialoguefile.xml, use only the name of the image, not the full path.

If you are installing a new game, update the file ped/oahpa/drill/templates/sahka.html. The file contains a table where all the images are stored as links to new dialogues:

<a href="javascript:submitSahka('firstmeeting_man');">
<img width="100" src="/oahpa/media/man.jpg"/>
<p>{% trans "Meeting with Hansa" %}</p></a>

Copy one such td, to a suitable place inside the table, specify a width to the image that fits to the page. Remember to change the name of the file, and finally, add the name of the dialogue to the javascript section. In the example above the dialogue name is "firstmeeting_man."