Lookup server

The lookup-process for the analyzer ped-sme.fst, used in Vasta and Sahka, is running all the time. The lookup is implemented as a server, callable by different processes. When started, it reads the file /opt/smi/sme/bin/ped-sme.fst and provides analyses based on exactly this fst. For other language versions it reads the relevant files. TODO: update.

The script lookupserv calls the Python program lookupserv.py in the sme/bin catalogue in opt.

NB: Any update of the FST requires a restart of the lookup server!

  • (re-)startingthe server (gtlab, gtoahpa):
    • go to the src folder in the ped folder of the running oapha production folder (you will find the lookupserv document there)
    • type the command
sudo service lookupserv restart
  • testing the server using the commad-line tool, that takes one word at a time (OAHPA a variable for oahpa version):
    • go to /home/OAHPA/ped/src
    • type the command sudo python client.py
  • checking the log file for the lookup output from Sahka and Vasta on victorio:
    • inspect the file /var/log/lserv.log with you editor of choice
  • Making changes to lookupserv.py:
    • edit the file locally in ped/src
    • copy the updated file into the folder under /opt/smi that is specified in the script file lookupserv (requires sudo rights)
    • restart the lookup server as described above