This document tries to give an overview of what is where and why, in the ped catalogue, i.e. the file catalogue of Oahpa.

The content of the ped catalogue

  • adm
    • Contains reports etc. This folder is not in use, but could be. We use doc instead.
  • build
    • This folder is used by the system. Keep off.
  • doc
    • This is for the documentation written for us working on Oahpa.
    • The catalogue is a bit crowded (todo: make separate folders for .sh and graffle/pdf files). The .jspwiki files are link pages for the different projects, their files are in LANGdoc. Common doc in common.
  • dtd
    • Here are some dtds. But note that the sma dtd is in the dict folder, and some of the sme dtds are in the xml folder.
  • forrest.properties and forrest.properties.xml
    • Well, forrest files.
  • images
    • Images for Sahka are found here
  • LANG
    • This is where all the content files for the program is (see below)
  • LANGoahpa
    • (or rather LANG_oahpa)
    • This is where all the technical files for the program is (see below)
  • qa-test
    • This catalogue is obsolete
  • sma, sme, smj
    • Target language catalogues (see below)
  • src
    • A heterogenous bunch. To be documented.
  • userdoc
    • This is for documentation for end users (teachers, pupils). The xml and jspwiki files in this catalogue have been duplicated to subfolders sme, sma, sjd, etc. Only the files in the subfolders are updated.

The content of the target language catalogues

These catalogues are heterogenous, for historical reasons.

The new format

(often called the sma format, named after the first language to use it)

The target language catalogues LANG (i.e. crk, est, sma, etc, ) have the following content (here sma as example langage):

  • catalogues corp, inc, meta-data, old-xml, out-xml, are all obsolete and should be removed
    • Ryan, Heli:check this
  • src
    • contains the lexicon files with L1=sma
  • nobsma, finsma, swesma...
    • lexicon files with sma = L2 and a variety of langages as L1
    • The files with target language = L2 are, at the outset, generated.

The old sme format

The sma and sme catalogues are very different, for the following reason: oahpa proper (the programmer's files) are in $GTLANG/ped for sme, but in pedversions/smaoahpa for sma. There are some sma files in $GTLANG/ped, though, namely the lexica for Leksa.

  • corp
    • At the moment, this contains files for VISL
  • dev
    • Your private playground. This catalogue is not under version control.
  • src
    • CG rules for Sahka
    • the paradigm files prop_paradigms.txt, v_paradigms.txt, n_paradigms.txt, num_paradigms.txt, a_paradigms.txt, for generating forms for the MySQL database (Documentation)
    • tags.txt = list over legal tags for generation (Documentation)
  • xml
    • Files for dialogues and questions.
    • For sme, the lexicon can be found here (adjectives.xml, verbs.xml, nouns.xml, numerals.xml, propernouns.xml)

The content of the oahpa catalogue

The catalogue oahpa is for the old sme oahpa. univ_oahpa contains the new sme oahpa. The other projects are found in LANG_oahpa (sma_oahpa, etc.). These oahpa catalogues contain several python files governing installing and setting up the program.

  • conf
  • djlocale
    • Here we add the interface localisation. See separate documentation
  • drill (or:LANG_drill)
    • python scripts for the drills (i.e., programs, aka games)
    • admin.py (Admin interface for Log messages and database.)
    • forms.py (Models for accessing the database and generating the drills.) This is where the grammatical ranges for Morfa is set, as well as info on books, Leksa language and whatnot.
    • game.py (Models for accessing the database and generating the drills.)
    • grammarlinks.py (Grammarlinks)
    • models.py (settings files for drills)
    • qagame.py (Code for morphdrill, to be used in qagame.)
    • sahka.py (functionality for Sahka.)
    • views.py (Module for handling the html-pages and user data.)
    • templates folder
  • feedback
  • locale (localisation files, one for each GUI language)
  • media
  • templates (this folder contains the html pages for the games)

The content of the templates catalogue

The catalogue template (under LANG_oahpa) contains several html files with the pages presenting each program.

  • game.html — for answer field, colouring
  • mgame.html — morfa
  • mgame_a.html — morfa, adjectives
  • mgame_l.html — morfa, numerals, it seems
  • mgame_n.html — morfa, nouns
  • mgame_v.html — morfa, verbs
  • num.html — cardinal numerals
  • num_ord.html — ordinal numerals
  • oahpa_main.html — the main page
  • quizz.html — leksa
  • quizz_n.html — leksa, placenames
  • sahka.html
  • vasta.html
  • visl_main.html — the main page for visl