Documentation of Plains Cree Gïelese - demo

About gïelese

Gïelese means "to the language" and is a application for practising words in South Saami. One can use the application on internet and it is possible to download it to a mobile phone or a notepad. We want to use the infrastructure for making a such application for Plains Cree.

The project

It could be desirable to collaborate with the Miyo Wahkohtowin Education in Maskwawis and e.g. use their Neyaskweyâhk Cree Department booklet about Gardening as a base, and also use the photos from that booklet for practising nouns. We could use a part of the infrastructure for South Saami Gïelese and exchange the audio-files and photos and text, for demonstration purposes.

The idea

Three topics:

  • Practising words:
    We use the photos in the booklet
  • Practising verbs in sentences:
    We choose some of the fruits/vegetables in the booklet and make pictures for illustrating verbs for learning the sentences: He's eating an apple. He's buying an apple. They are eating apples... Corresponding photos could be: a person eating/drinking/buying/looking at banana/carrot/apple and so on. We'll use some nouns which are NA and NI. These could be verbs such as:
    • drinking NI, eating NA + NI, seeing NI + NA, buying NA + NI (same verb), picking NA + NI, cooking NA + NI, baking NA + NI
  • Practising plural in sentences:
    We use the same vegetables: He has an apple, he has many apples, there are oranges...


Three topics:

  • words (mostly nouns): 35 photos (from the booklet), 35 audiofiles, 35 text-files
  • verbs in sentences: He's eating an apple. He's buying an apple. They are eating apples... Tentative plan: 8 nouns x 4 verbs = 32 photos + audiofiles + text-files
    • Suitable nouns from the booklet:
      • inanimate nouns: sîwipakwa (rhubarb), otêhimin (strawberry), otêhipak (cabbage), nîpiy (lettuce/salad)
      • animate nouns: picikwâs (apple), osâwâs (orange), wâkâs (banana), oskâtâsk (carrot), kihci-okiniy (tomato)
  • singular vs. plural in sentences: Sentences like: he has an apple, he has several apples. 8 nouns x 2 = 16 photos + audio files + text-files