This documents gives a sketch of Status quo and next steps for myvoahpa.

Status quo

Issue Status
Oahpa online Not online
Oahpa programs -
numbers.lexc ok
date.lexc ok
clock.lexc asdf
src files N, A, V for 4 languages

Plans ahead


Put online


A demo (myv) is being developed based on Lene's guidelines. (There are some disparities in file names when comparing to earlier file content.) The guidelines show the names of files and show examples of content, this is very good. Now we just need a little more specific information as to what directories should have which files. (a path would be good here, e.g. main/ped/fkv/meta/semantical_sets.xml -- the in).


Check more


While waiting for oahpa, turn the A, N, V files into opposite direction, for two-way Leksa. This already exists for myv-fin but it should be done for the other languages as well.