Referat, møte i nuoahpa 3. februar 2011

Til stades: Biret Ánne, Ciprian, Lene, Ryan, Trond.


Brev frå Cip og B-Á:


this update is useful but for our next goal -- implementing the login mechanism into the usual oahpa -- we have to agree now on the following concrete action points: what to do and who is in charge of it!

  1. . correcting the current implementation (debugging and testing): Ryan --- wating for status report
  2. . checking and evaluating the usefulness of the history infos for the students: Biret Anne, Ryan, Ciprian, etc. --- Biret Anne did it and reported on it (see her last email)
  3. . testing after correction: Ciprian, Lene, Biret Anne, etc. --- todo
  4. . making a backup of the current smenob db and smenob implementation: Ciprian --- done: both a tag og the whole ped directory as it is now in the repository and a dump of the current oahpa database from victorio
  5. . transfering the implementation from sb_oahpa to regular oahpa: Ryan


I think it is good that I can check both students and tasks to see the activity and score level.

More than 30 students have registered for this course. If they all use Oahpa! as they are supposed to, I will have a long list of user grades to go through. I think it would be best if there is some sorting of the information, so that the students with the lowest average score come on top of the list. If I click on users instead of tasks, it would be best if the tasks with the lowest average score come first. This will give me a quick overview of which subjects each student struggles with.

I also like the fact that the summaries come before the user grade info. When the students start logging in to oahpa!, I will probably only have time to go through the summaries anyway.


smeoahpa -

  • bug: missing log in error messages - underspecified information
  • bug: book error message - D2, not enough words in sb_oahpa?

todo: transfer student data from sb_oahpa -> oahpa

feature: how often are students logged in
feature: books:
    <book name="sam1031_1"/>
    <book name="sam1031_2"/>

feature: ordering of summaries, worst at top
feature: disable submit buttons on new game submit

den apachemodulen vi har no, som bruker python, er ikkje støtta

vi treng ein ny apachemodul

=> vi treng ein ny servar

Skal implementerast for å hindre sein oahpa ved mange studentar

  • Melding til studentane: ikkje trykk ein gong til, men vent
  • Implementer: Hindre dobbelttrykking

(Dette først etter oppstart av kurset)


  • Meld frå før du testar



  1. databaseoppdatering
    1. bok
      1. Lene: norsk og finsk (ped/sme/xml)
      2. Cip: sjekke
  2. innlogging
    1. kor mange gonger har folk logga inn


Pronomen Adverb Ny Vasta

Men her tar vi sma først. For sme skal innlogging fungere, og deretter tar vi ting for sma først.


  1. Bokmerking
    1. Ettermiddag i dag: Lene ferdig + svn
    2. Etterpå: Cip oppdaterer i oahpa. Ferdig før fredag 0800.
  2. I dag:
    1. Cip: tilgang for Ryan
    2. Ryan: rette eksisterande feil
  3. Testing-utvikling fram mot måndag:
    1. sandbox ferdig: fri. kl 0800
    2. programming deadline: fri. kl 2000
    3. testing deadline: by noon sat.
    4. fixing possible bugs: sat and sun until noon
  4. Flytting til normal oahpa: Sunday after noon
  5. Måndag: Studentane kjem

Møte smaoahpa

Tysdag 7.2. klokka 1300.