Meeting on online Oahpa

Present: Ciprian, Lene, Ryan, Trond.

smaoahpa is up and running -- splendid!

Now for debugging and planning.

Bug list

(Known issues under bug list may just be moved to task list...)


  • No scores are generated 3/5…
  • Filling in 5 slots and hitting enter gives New set instead of Test answers or Next slot.
    • What we want:
    • For the first 4: Enter gives Next slot.
    • For the 5th (last) slot:
      • If empty slots: Enter gives Highest empty slot.
      • If no empty slots: Enter gives Test answers.


  • which entries?
    • All entries with book or semantics
  • We will not have an option level.
  • which features?
  • For the Show answers: Show only the first translation
  • nobsma: nob - first t

Procedure for making nobsma

  1. if the only t-initial constituent is <te>, take this <te>
  2. for each tg, take the first t or tf
  3. thereafter, if the next constituent is <te>:
    1. add the string space emdash space
    2. add the <te> constituent
  4. thereafter, if the tg has a <re>
    1. add this re, in parentheses


Morfa-S nouns

  • Cases as in sme,
    • but not locative (+Loc), instead inessive (+Ine), elative (+Ela)
  • Number:
    • Nominative plural has nominative singular as input
  • Stem classes:
    • Bisyllabic and trisyllabic
    • Not contracted (as in sme)
  • Bug: Plural nouns are presented in singular
    • questions and answers must have same number (sg: sg, pl: pl)
  • Otherwise as sme

Morfa-S verbs

  • For the time being, only present, preterite
    • Personlege pronomen for Sg1 … Pl3
    • ped/sma/doc/smadoc/pronouns_for_morfa_v.csv
  • Later also imperative
    • Pronouns for imperative after the verbs and in parentheses
    • The imperative will have fewer forms than for sme
  • In later versions: also negation verb
  • When clicking the verb, we get the dictionary translation
    • New feature: We want the verb class
    • click and get: Klasse IV. (Norsk:å vite)
      • bisyllabic - <l class="IV" pos="v" ...>lemma</l>
      • trisyllabic - <l pos="v">lemma</l>

Personal pronouns

  • Forthcoming


  • Numbers cannot be more than 30 characters long, 50 (45) is a better number
  • I have already corrected that in sme oahpa, but not online
  • Ordinals are missing


Set and level options do not necessarily work. Things missing in the database cause error

  • Option: Slot size 1, 3, 5 (as a setting option)


Turn Leksa to nobsma

  1. tg daughters: t, te and tf should be turned
    1. For now, take first t* field, later plan differences
      1. t, tf - translation (tf - whitespace, t - single word)
      2. te - explanation
      3. nob -> sma
      4. nob = t, tf, te ? if te exists, show? otherwise user prompted with t, tf?
      5. sma = lemma / l
  1. What about smaswe/swesma?
    1. This will await the Swedish Sami parlieament
  2. Fill in the supersets
  3. New features compared to sme-oahpa
    1. tcomm: as explained


  • Bare Morfa-S
    • Morfa with nouns
    • Morfa with verbs



  • forsida
  • lokalisering
    • just no.; take out de and en, so it's easier to identify localisation issues

Time schedule

  • Saturday -- new version
  • Saturday 19th demo

Ciprian and Ryan discussion points/notes

  • Union/Exclusion
  • Database loading script / subsets
  • re: tcomm - create a small test xml file to test behavior properly in devel