Morfa_ Questions

Morfa Context Questions Types, 071108:

Introduction to the question type overview

The following is an overview of the question types in Morfa, and of the semantic restrictions of each question.

The table shall be read as follows: For each question type, we ask for a certain case (-number). Some elements can be drawn from a semantic set as well. We also give the intended answer, in the base form. The answer is drawn from a relevant set. To take an example, the first line below reads as follows:

  • Geat vulget PLACE-NAME > semclass:human

It implies that one of the questions frames from which we generate our questions is Geat vulget PLACE-NAME, where PLACE-NAME is a variable over all the placenames in our lexicon. The given answer is drawn from the semantic class indicated to the right of the > symbol.


Nominative plural:
Geat vulget PLACE-NAME > semclass:human 
Makkár eallit ellet doppe > semclass:animal
Makkár stohpogálvvut leat sin viesus > semclass:furniture
Makkár borramušat sis leat > semclass:food-grocery

Gean/geaid semclass:object dát leat > semclass:human
Gean/geaid semclass:object dát leat > pron
Man duohkái semclass:human čiekádit > semclass:building
Goas semclass:family vuoiŋŋastit > semclass:time-point-gen
Goas semclass:family vuoiŋŋastit > semclass:time-point-gen-pl
Goas semclass:family hárjehallat > semclass:time-point-gen
Goas semclass:family hárjehallat > semclass:time-point-gen-pl

Maid pron oaidnit > semclass:object
Maid semclass:family niegadit > semclass:object
Maid pron oastit > semclass:clothing
Maid pron sárgut > semclass:animal
Gean/geaid pron dovdat > semclass:human

Masa pron liikot > semclass:object
Geasa/geaidda pron addit semclass:object > semclass:human
Gosa pron mannat > semclass:place
Gosa human bidjat čoavdagiid > semclass:container
Geasa/geaidda semclass:family suhttat > semclass:human
Geasa/geaidda semclass:family luohttit > semclass:human
Masa pron illudit > semclass:time-point-gen
Masa pron illudit > semclass:time-point-gen-pl
Geasa/geaidda pron jáhkkit > semclass:human
Masa pron álgit > semclass:education

Geas/geain lea váralaš semclass:animal > semclass:human
Gos semclass:human leat > semclass:place
Gos semclass:human boahtit > semclass:place
Mas semclass:human ballat > semclass:animal sg
Mas semclass:human váruhit > semclass:vehicle
Geas/geain pron beroštit > semclass:human
Mas pron geargat > semclass:education
Geas/geain pron oažžut skeaŋkka > semclass:human
Geas/geain pron gullat ságaid > semclass:human

Geainna/geaiguin pron semclass:comv > semclass:human
Mainna/maiguin pron mannat ruoktot > semclass:vehicle
Mainna/maiguin pron čierastit > semclass:slide-tool

Manin semclass:family bargat semclass:place-name > semclass:profession
Manin semclass:human šaddat máidnasis > semclass:myth
Manin pron gárvodit karneválas > semclass:myth-human
Manin pron gohčoda pron > semclass:family
Goas heive semclass:activity > semclass:timepointess


Present tense:
Maid pron bargat odne > semclass:activity
Maid semclass:human bargat odne > semclass:activity
Maid semclass:human -guovttos bargaba odne > semclass:activity
Semclass:activity go pron odne > de semclass:activity
Semclass:activity go pron odne > odne gal neg semclass:activity

Past tense:
Maid pron bargat ikte > semclass:activity
Maid semclass:human bargat ikte > semclass:activity
Maid semclass:human-guovttos bargat ikte > semclass:activity
Semclass:activity go pron ikte > de semclass:activity
Semclass:activity go pron ikte > ikte gal neg semclass:activity

Mun áiggošin semclass:activity > imprt fal
Moai áiggošeimme semclass:activity > imprt fal
Mii áiggošeimmet semclass:activity > imprt fal
Sihke don ja mun áiggošeimme semclass:activity > imprt fal
Sihke don ja mii áiggošeimmet semclass:activity > imprt fal

Maid pron bargat luomus > semclass:activity
Maid semclass:human bargat luomus > semclass:activity
Maid NOUN -guovttos bargaba luomus > semclass:activity
Semclass:activity go pron luomus > luomus gal semclass:activity
Semclass:activity go pron odne > luomus gal neg semclass:activity

Semclass:activity-v go human - in dieđe pot go 
Semclass:activity-v go pron - in dieđe pot go


As attribute:
Maid semclass:human áigut oastit > num-acc semclass:clothing
Maid semclass:human áigut oastit > num-acc-pl semclass:clothing-pl
Maid oainnát > num-acc semclass:animal
Geaid semclass:object dát leat >  num-gen semclass:human semclass:object
Geaidda don attát object > num-gen semclass:human ill
Masa don bijat duogŋasa > num-gen semclass:clothing ill
Masa don bijat duogŋasa > num-gen-pl semclass:clothing-pl ill
Geain lea várálaš semclass:animal > num-gen semclass:human loc
Man guhká oaččut semclass:thing luoikkasin > num-gen vahkkui
Gos semclass:human leat > numgen semclass:building loc
Gos semclass:human finai > num-pl-gen semclass:arrangement-pl
Geaiguin pron semclass:comv > num-com semclass:human com
Gallin joavkun semclass:human bargat > num-ess

Nomitative plural:
Gallit semclass:clothing-pl dus leat > num-pl-nom
Gallit semclass:handicrafts-pl dus leat > num-pl-nom
Gallit semclass:arrangement-pl leat dáid beassážiid > num-pl-nom

Galle semclass:clothing pron áigut oastit > num-acc
Galliid semclass:clothing-pl pron áigut oastit > num-pl-acc
Galliid semclass:arrangement-pl sii leat lágidan > num-pl-acc

Galliin pron birget > num-com
Galliin pron juohkit loahppasupmi > num-com

Gallis pron boahtit ruoktot > num-loc 
Gallis semclass:arrangement álgá > num-loc 
Gallis semclass:arrangement nohká > num-loc 
Lea go buot du semclass:clothing-pl ráigi > num-pl-loc 

Gallii pron leat lohkan semclass:text > num-ill
Man guhká pron bargat odne > num-ill

Collective numbers:
Gallis bohtet semclass:building ill > coll-num
Gallása don oainnát > coll-num-acc
Geaid semclass:object dát leat > coll-num-gen
Gallásii pron muitalit ságaid > coll-num-ill
Gallásis lea dilli > coll-num-loc
Gallásiin don vuolggát semclass:place-name > coll-num-com
Gallásiin pron fertet juohkit daid ruđaid > coll-num-com

Galládin don bohtet mollii > ord-num-ess
Gallát luohkkái don álggát dál > ord-num-ill
Goas mis lea čoahkkin > ord-num-loc
Man guhká gursa bistá > ord-num-ill
Gallát bargobihtá don čállet > ord-num-acc


Mu semclass:clothing leat semclass:clothes-adj pos. 
makkár semclass:clothing mus leat > AttrPos 

Mu semclass:clothing leat semclass:clothes-adj comp. 
makkár semclass:clothing mus leat > AttrComp 

Mu semclass:clothing leat semclass:clothes-adj superl. 
makkár semclass:clothing mus leat > AttrSuperl

Mus leat semclass:clothesadj pos semclass:clothing. 
Makkár semclass:clothing mus leat > NomPosPl 

Mu semclass:family leat semclass:human-adj. 
makkárat du semclass:family leat? > mu semclass:family leat NomComp

Mal dáppe leat semclass:clothes-adj semclass:clothing. > 
muhto mu semclass:clothing leat PredSuperl