Notes investigating the possibility for utilising the Fronter platform

UiT will use fronter as learning platform. This document jots down thoughts on whether we may integrate our pedtools in Fronter.

Level of integration

One may think of different levels:

Light integration

Within fronter, there is a tool link to Oahpa!.

In Fronter there will be working descriptions for Oahpa! for every case, tense etc. and a test afterwards, with selfcorrection ("prøve med tekstgjenkjenning"), but the student´s work remain in the student´s folder for the teacher to see. The student can also be asked to write a small report/evaluating afterwards about the Oahpa!-training and what s/he does not manage well enough. Then the teacher can follow it up in the lectures.

Within Oahpa!, there is an option for exporting result statistics to fronter.

Heavy integration

Some of the games are reprogrammed into databases of the fronter format, and played from within fronter.

QA in Fronter

... and here I forgot the content of our discussions.

Advantages of using Fronter

  1. It is there, ready for use, independent of the teacher, who doesn´t have to worry about "the technical things".
  2. The working descriptions can be put into maps, according to the lecture plan.
  3. The teacher get all response and results from the students at one place.
  4. The workingdirectories can be open/closed at certain times so the students have to work according to the lectureplan.
  5. Text Tool will probably be easy to integrate to Fronter
  6. There will always be extra exercises for the eager students