Notes from meeting 070612

  • 1.2 M asks
  • 1.2. U answers, with
  • 1.2.1 orthographical error
  • 1.3.1 correct the orthographical error <==== (210)
  • run the standard spellchecking test, with a large editing distance (3!),
  • . delete, add, exchange 1,2,3... times
  • but on a limited set of words:
  • a. common answering words for all dialogues
  • b. dialogue-specific words for each dialogue
    • mus lea brlkdajsf
    • leago dus bruvsa?
    • minulla on konjakkia
    • tarkotatko että sinulla on kotikaljaa?


  • shop
  • relatives
  • school
  • food
  • drink

eventually likely spelling correction if not in set

  • a á
  • z ž
  • etc


The machine asks: Mitä haluat juoda?

Then the machine knows that the answer should be with a verb in sg1 and a noun in partitive

Any verb spotted should then be analysed. If not in sg1 it should be suggested to be in sg1:

Possible answers + corrections:

  • juoda kahvi juon kahvia
  • haluta juoda kahvi haluan juoda kahvia
  • minä haluat juoda kahvin minä haluan juoda kahvia
  • en otta kahvi en ota kahvia
  • etc.

What we sketch here is actually a restricted grammar checker.

1.2.2 case error ... or any grammatical error in the sentence

syntactic templates for the answers

  • Mitä haluat juoda?
  • Teetä
  • Hienoa. (Voitko käyttää kokonaista lausetta?)
  • Haluan juoda kahvia, mutta ottaisin kuitenkin teetä.
  • correct case
  • then more questions on the same case
  • 1.2.3 correct and forward


iq car
     dq > dq > car .. colour .. year model block
iq cat question

logic from car to cat?

a. global logic = conversation

  • personal life
    • car
    • cat
    • hobbies
  • professional life
    • work
    • studies
  • non-personal
  • politics
    • ...
  • shopping
    • prices
    • colours
    • paying
  • traveling
    • where have you been (all place names!!!)
    • when travel
    • how travel

b. local logic

within each subdomain (car, cat, ...) dependent questions

New setting:Student asks.

Give a picture. Instruct the student to ask.

Picture of a shop, with objects

"Now you are in the shop, find out what these things cost."

  • Goal. Train a special way of making questions, for a special purpose.
  • Challenge: Write the grammar of all possible questions
  • paljonko N-Nom (maksaa/olla+V+Ind+Sg3)
  • ...
  • FSIG
  • S -> NP VP


  • a. check the questions with a fsa (intelligent list)
  • b. check the questions with CG


fsa for generating

M instructs S asks M analyses -- is it c


  • Flow chart of the dialog processing
    • different modules and their interaction (Saara)
  • Flow chart of the dialog process
    • different modules and their interaction (Lene)
  • user: ... maitten ... maiden ...
  • comp: ... maiden ... (?)
  • User may use any form from within a relative wide form
  • Comp should use one form only (Guovdageaidnu?)
  • User could pick what dialect the comp should use
      boy  girl  adult
EAST Ánde Biret ..

Gives six parameters, boy-topic, girl-topic, adult-topic for east and west dialect

Drawing persons

Alpha version in one column, eventually with colour

  • Normal Black Teacher to the right
  • C where do you live Black
  • P I live from Tromsø Grey
  • T do you mean "in"?
  • P I live in Tromsø Grey..
  • P I live in Tromsø Blach

For beta version considering multiple coloums

Normal Black            Normal? Grey?         Teacher to the right
C where do you live
                        P I live from Tromsø
                                              T do you mean "in"?
                                              T Do you want to practice <locative>?
                        P I live in Tromsø                      
P I live in Tromsø
  • technical
  • mastering generation
  • alpha generator
  • mastering turn-taking
  • alpha turntaking machine
  • mastering analysis
  • error correction
  • planning topics
  • collecting word sets
  • modeling questions and answers
  • feedback
  • what kind of feedback
  • integrated feedback,
    • comment typos, ask user to pick what she intended
  • independent feedback
    • don't remember words? try THESE ones
    • don't remember locative? read HERE
  • other part of the project: visl sentences
    • write the sentences
    • revise the script (has some ps in it)
    • write a visl2ps component (treebank projects, conversion visl2tigerxml)
  • linguistic
    • what grammatical categories should be generated
    • (go thorough the isme.fst to make it generate unique forms only)
    • working on sets

Time plan

  • Saara:
    • Nothing before holiday
    • August: Planning, including correction mechanism
    • Autumn: Regular meeting, monthly or so
  • Lene, Trond
    • Autumn:
    • Visl: Work
    • Look at lærebøker Davvin/Univ.kompendium/Language center´s komp./Johnskareng´s books for primary/ Kind of questions, word-lists...
  • Interactive:
  • Make sets
  • Make dialogue frames
  • Make two unique generators (east, west)
  • Investigate error recognition
  • Collect corpus of errors???
    • Collect student text (Laila, other sources)
    • Make a grammar checker, actually (be able to correct errors)
    • Make a template for the answer, and be able to check it.
    • "Minä ostan leipä"
    • IF Nom-Sg1 TV-Sg1 Nom
    • THEN suggest Nom-Sg1 TV-Sg1 Acc
    • Flexible disambiguator
Minæ Pron Sg1
näen TV Sg1
tuli N Nom     
     V Sg3 Prt

SE Obj IF (0 Acc)(-1 TV);

SE Obj IF (0 N)(-1 TV LINK -1 SUBJ)(nowhere else Acc);