Meeting 11.9.

Original time plan

  • Saara:
    • Nothing before holiday
    • August: Planning, including correction mechanism
      • This is not done, I thought that you don't maybe need it yet..
      • You are definitely right in that. Here I just quote our original plans,
      • as it turns out we have consentrated on visl...
    • Autumn: Regular meeting, monthly or so
  • Lene, Trond
    • Autumn:


  • Work
  • Look at lærebøker Davvin/Univ.kompendium/Language center´s komp./Johnskareng´s books for primary/ Kind of questions, word-lists...


  • Make sets, Make dialogue frames, Make two unique generators (east, west)
  • Investigate error recognition, Collect corpus of errors?, Collect student text (Laila..)
  • Make a grammar checker, actually (be able to correct errors)
  • Make a template for the answer, and be able to check it.

Status mid september

  • Sentences: 1169 new sentences - analyses are ready this week, unambiguous
  • Textbooks: Have looked through and compared the synt.analyses and explanations
  • Contact with teachers: Waiting response from Samisk Høgskole,
  • Discussions with Odense and Oslo: Discussed conversion with Eckhard and Kristin

Status of the dialogue:

with teachers in different schools (from primary to college). We will (and do!) have a hard time getting response from teachers, as our visl sentences are too few, and too odd, to be of real use

Plans forward, next month or so

(tentative list, for discussion)

priorities among the different subjects

  1. 1000 sentences online (
    1. dialogue with actual users
  2. work on interactive, alpha, etc.
    1. feedback from visl users
  3. serious work on interactive


  • Migration to new syntactic tagset (reduce set, split some, appr. 45 > 31)
    • practical issues: search-replace in
    • sme-dis.rle,, docu-sme-syntags.xml, korpustags.txt,
  • Migration to vislcg3 (???)
  • Adding new layers? (dependency?) (probably later)
    • (Trond to discuss with Eckhard next week)


Improving conversion script <===

priority plan for visl

  1. tag conversion
  2. pseudo code
  3. Dialogue on conversion next week 17-21.9
  4. summary after Nuuk

Saara leaves.

corpus (this is not ped, but prolongs our common univ proj)