Meeting notes, Pedagogical programs, 0804

Last meeting: Exactly one week ago meeting_080515.html.

Status report

Saara has added files to the interface for the Vocabulary and Morphology games, using django.

The django interface

If we install django, then we can generate the translations.

cd ped/oahpa/
/home/saara/django-trunk/django/bin/ -l sme
Update the texts in the django.po -file.

The files in the oahpa directory

  • djlocale
    • technical translations: sme/LC_MESSAGES/django.po
  • drill
    • project directory, all the code
    • drill/templates/
      • game.html (for all games), mgame.html (one for each game, etc.), quizz.html, num.html
  • locale
    • translations for the
  • media
  • templates
    • ped/oahpa/templates/oahpa.html (setup for the whole project)
    • This file contains urls for our games.

We go for two-letter language codes for the interface lgs.


Vocabulary game

Reassign the ENTER key from New set to Test answers.

Problems šhen the tørr ved tørr vedtranslation contains space:

1: tørrved -- no
2: tørr ved	-- no
C: tørr ved
  • collation of characters: normalising ä to a + ¨ etc.
  • What we need is a minimal collation: Respecting glyph identity.

The several translation problem: Saara is working on it

d.g. "mann" (dievdu, almmái, almmáiolmmoš, dievdoolmmoš, olmmái)

	<pos class="N"/>
      <tr xml:lang="nob">venn</tr>
      <tr xml:lang="nob">mann</tr>
      <tr xml:lang="nob">kamerat</tr>

	<pos class="N"/>
      <tr xml:lang="nob">mann</tr>

	<pos class="N"/>
      <tr xml:lang="nob">same</tr>
      <tr xml:lang="nob">samisk språk</tr>
      <tr xml:lang="nob">samisk</tr>

Different feedbacks:

  • error - ? "It is not like that in our list."
  • show correct answer > show our answer (?)

Morphology game

  • N: Select case
  • Verb: Select tense and mood ( )
  • Adj: Select attribute or predicative
boazu+N+Sg+Acc  >  'boazu'  
boazu+N+Pl+Acc  >  'bohccot'

QA game

Awaiting the other games.

Dialogue game

Awaiting the other games.

Work onwards, next week.

Short-term goals

  1. Get the mgame, quizz, numgame up and running
  2. Have a sma numeral game before June 12th.

Next goals

  1. Logos for the different games, error logo, ok logo, result logo
  2. Error: : -/ vs : -), but drawn. There is the green v and the red x.

Works for each of us:

  • Saara:
    • xml
    • django interface
    • Prepare for several target languages
  • Lene
    • Localisation
    • Think of game names
    • Contact the artist - Kjellaug
  • Trond
    • Localisation
    • South and Lule numeral files

Next meeting

June 5th 10.00.