Meeting notes, Pedagogical programs, 080605


Today we have the joy of welcoming our new worker at the project, Biret Anne. So, present at the meeting: Biret Ánne, Lene, Saara, Trond.


Saara made the first version of the contextual morfa. Next step is qa, and thereafter thinking of dialogues.

How does everything work, do we have all the information we want, etc.

There are things missing from the interface:

  1. Translations
  2. Tutorial

We should at least have ideas about the tutorial.

Lene and Trond had had a meeting with Kjellaug, our graphical designer. She will do the bulk of the work in the autumn, but she got an impression of our programs.

Lene has made a question file for numerals

Issues in the programs


The combination of Books and Sets is not good, the resulting intersections are too small. Thus, the two options should be interdependent, so that you can choose either Books or Sets.

We could make either a long list or interdependent sets:

1. The long list option:

   Davvin 1

2. The interdependent list option:

If either Books or Sets is choosen, the other one is greyed out.


We should block the selection of Verbs and Case. We should perhaps use Javascript for this. Verbs should imply verbal categories, etc.

Issue to Morfa - words:

Add an option "Number"

Give sg in any case, convert the same case to plural

Issues to Morfa - sentences:

Add an option: "All cases". In that way, good pupils, who already know how to make case forms, may here train their verb subcategorisation skills. This option should also have

An argument against this is that the verbs very often are ambiguous. A variant of this idea would thus be to make a totally different file, with contrastive instances of case usage. Then we would avoid the ambiguities for the "mix all" option.

There are other places where the menu could be improved as well.


In leksa, Norwegian to Sámi does not work

Do not work: Morfa: Essive, Genitive, Verbs

In morfa, we get error when we add a period.


In order to create new strings:

Go to victorio:

cd ped/oahpa
/home/saara/django-trunk/django/bin/ -a
... then cvs up to locate the M files:
cvs ci -m "new generated files" ocale/fi/LC_MESSAGES/django.po

After that, we work on the respective django.po files, and check them in again.

Workplan forward


Tentative list:

  • Implementing ideas
  • Localising the interface to our 4 languages
  • Adding

Etc, cf. below.

Assigning tasks

  • Biret Ánne
    • Look at the sentences/questions visible in Morfa
  • Lene
    • Look at the sentences/questions visible in Morfa
    • Put more into semantic_sets.xml
  • Saara
    • qa
    • look at Lenes input to the dialogues
    • postpone technicalities with dialogues to after qa is working
  • Trond
    • Localise
    • Look at smenob.xml
    • Test the games : -)


  • Trond: last week of June ->
  • Saara: first week of July ->
  • Lene: three first weeks of July + two first weeks of August
  • Biret Ánne: ..

Have a nice holiday!

Next meeting:

Not set.