Meeting notes, Pedagogical programs, 081015


Lene, Saara, Trond.

Task list


  • Get questions working in Morfa
  • done
  • Look at xml for Sahka
    • done


  • xml
  • Vasta cg - done some
  • Worked a little with the Sahka-dialogues


  • Mostly other things, but cg3 review.

Status quo

New colour, visible links. Three of the interface languages are visible, Norwegian is not. There are minor errors in the locale, Trond and Lene to fix that.


  • Adjective attributes POS. The "POS" string should be deleted
  • Numerals are marked as "adjective atrtributes"
  • The dictionary function is changed: needs click (and an introduction)
  • The help feedback does not show up.
  • The "practice illative" text is too short, and just in English
  • The no-plural tags in the lexicon, where are they?
  • Place-names should not have plural, preferably not essive either.
  • Remove "Čále"? Substantiivvat - Vearbbat - Adjektiivvat - Čále lohkosániid.

practice $illative. You get a translation by clicking the Sámi words, and feedback if you need it.



The entry needs a tag <nosingular/>, <noplural/>to signal just that, after the lemma. The place names will get such names as well.

Contextual Morfa

Now there are no options for books and stems, because of the combination with seminatic sets make too big restrictions. Semantic set-option is not possible.

We have to have a look at it (Lene)


Vasta is not online now.

We will not be able to demo it on Friday. Next task is to code it in the interface. We need to test the CG3 rules. We postpone that discussion.

Setup of CG3 as a server: Saara will have a look, but

The interface: Do not drop out each time (add a loop) Make a command line option of repeating the question.


  • Saara will postpone Sahka to after Vasta.
  • Lene will start looking at the dialogues in Sahka. Close each question with a closing tag.


The menus do not mark which of them is active. This is for the next interface generation anyway.

Demos, online requirement

  • The Kåfjord demo is on friday 17th at 10.00.
  • The Göteborg demo 22th at 1100. Saara should ensure things are up and working.
  • The Oslo demo will be 28th/29th.
  • The Tromsö demo at the 30th.
  • In November it would be nice to have Vasta online
  • The Guovdageaidnu meeting on 11th nov and the Vasta talk on 13tn.
  • Demo for language teachers at 25th nov.

Next meeting

Task list


  • Put slots for instructions for each Morfa game in locale.
  • check feedback - and add paradigm
  • Adjectives: fix POS
  • Leksa places not working
  • Vasta commandline: a loop and qid as command-line option.


  • Fix locale translations (sme)
  • Have a look at contextual Morpha: options vs semantic sets
  • Give good names to the semantic sets
  • Write tutorial texts for each game
  • Add more questions to the two first dialogues
  • Add feature: nosingular/noplural to the noun-lexicon


  • Fix locale translations (nno, eng)
  • Write tutorial texts for each game