Meeting notes, Pedagogical programs, 081201


Lene, Saara, Trond.


Lene sent a document showing the layout.

drawing dialogue window feedback
wordlist - -

Saara to implement cg3 for Sahka, but not more than that this week.


Room to navigate,

Path to drawings: ped/oahpa/media/


Discusson on tags for variables in Sahka.

<topic name="juhkat" image="ped/oahpa/media/shop.jpg">
	<word id="gáffe"/><word id="soadji_animal"/><word id="..."/>
    <utt type="question" name="Haliidat_go_gafe_vai_deaja">
      <text>Háliidat go gáfe vai deaja?</text>
      <alt target="gáffe" link="Geavahat_go_mielkki"/>
      <alt target="deadja" link="Háliidat_go_honnega"/>
      <alt type="neg" link="Háliidat_go_juoida_eará"/>
      <alt type="default"><text>Mus ii leat.</text>

We use the same cg3 rule file for Sahka and for Vasta.

# &dia-neg         negative content
# &dia-nothing     anwers is "nothing" - default: handled the same way as neg
# &dia-pos         positive content
# &dia-target      answer to the question - can be used in next question
# &dia-dont-know   to easy answer - Make a comment for this. 
# &dia-NAME		   (string)
# &dia-adult	   regex age - 
# &dia-young
# &dia-child

    <utt type="question" name="Man_boaris_don_leat">
      <text>Man boaris don leat?</text>>
      <!-- How old are you? 1-5 child, 6-20 young, 21-100 adult -->
      <alt target="young" link="Váccát_go_skuvlla"/>
      <alt target="child" link="Leat_go_álgán_skuvlii"/>
      <alt target="adult" link="Leat_go_barggus"/>
      <alt target="pos" link="Váccát_go_vuođđoskuvlla_vai_joatkkaskuvlla"/>
      <alt target="default" link="Leat_go_barggus"/>

<topic name="presentation">
    <utt type="question" name="Mii_du_namma_lea">
      <text>Mii du namma lea?</text>
      <!-- What is you name? -->
      <alt type="default" variable="NAME" link="Gos_don_leat_eret">
        <text>Bures NAME . Suohtas go don leat čátas odne. Mun lean Leavvajogas eret.</text>
        <element id="NAME">
          <grammar tag="N+Sg+Nom"/>

What is your name?
asdf. (asdf get analysis '?')
... (accept asdf as users name)

Where do you live?
In asdf. (asdf get analysis '?')
Where is asdf?
In Sweden.
... (go on, with Sweden)

Task list

  • This week some work on Sahka, otherwise not much.
  • In Tromsø, work on dialogues
  • Saara to make a log password

Next week Saara here.