Meeting notes, Pedagogical programs, 090110


Lene, Saara, Trond.


Pedagogical grammar explanations

Remove the link to it for now, since it is not good enough.

sme-norm.fst - why does it not function? Makefile?

make fst-norm TARGET=sme

Lene does not get the sme-norm.fst compiled. The command is:

Cf. bugreport

Coll nums included

LEXICON OVCCIS ! Collective numerals                                              
 +N+Coll+Sg+Nom:%>X4 K ;
 +N+Coll+Ess:%>X4in K ;
 +N+Coll:%>X2 MALLAS- ;

space disappears in the analysis of user feedback

TT fixed the files 

xml$grep " " *
grammarexplanation.csv:intransitivt verb	Verb som ikke kan ta objekt i akkusativ: ’mannat’
questions_nouns.xml:      <text>SUBJ MAINV čoavdagiid N-ILL</text>
questions_nouns.xml:      <text>INTERR SUBJ MAINV ságaid</text>

This has been a bug for a while

donháliidat is not a word

Choosing of metalanguage

Messages are translated into sme

Write more instructions

- pronouns - finite verb - option boos vs semset - semset: POS


sets vs. books - only one of them should function at a time


Gradation errors

lemma instead of id (form tag forgotten?) <entry id="bassi_actor"> <lemma>bassi</lemma> <pos class="N"/> <translations> <tr xml: lang="nob">vasker</tr> <tr xml: lang="nob">reingjører</tr> <tr xml: lang="nob">rengjøringsassistent</tr> <tr xml: lang="fin">siivoja</tr> </translations> <semantics> <sem class="PROFESSION"/> </semantics> <stem class="bisyllabic" diphthong="no" gradation="no" soggi="i" rime="0"/> <dialect class=""/> <sources> </sources> <forms> <form tag="N+Sg+Gen">bassi</form> </forms> </entry>

valency vs. sem class - Lene makes them all "sem class" <valency> <val class=""/> <val class="COMV"/> <val class="TV"/></valency> <semantics> <sem class="VERBAL-V"/> </semantics>




  <topic name="work_adult">    
      <utt type="question" name="Leat_go_barggus_adult">
	<text>Leat go barggus?</text>
	<!-- Do you work??-->
	<alt target="pass" link="work_or_school_closing_adult"/>
	<alt target="pos" link="Makkár_bargu_dus_lea_adult"/>
	<alt target="default" link="work_or_school_closing_adult"/>

Question with non-expected answer:

How to identify &dia-target from below into the <utt> block above.

	"leat" V IV Ind Prs Sg2 
	"go" Pcle 
	"bargu" N Sg Loc 
	"^sahka" QDL Leat_go_barggus_adult &dia-pos 
	"juo" Interj 
	"," CLB 
	"mun" Pron Pers Sg1 Nom 
	"leat" V IV Ind Prs Sg1 
	"doavttir" N Sg Nom &dia-pass 
	"." CLB 

wordlists vs. word class

variable and grammar tag - change the text so it doesn´t need any grammar tag

  • I come from Kenya-Loc
  • I think Kenya-Nom is a nice place

(the answer just picks the Nom from the analysis of the answer)

Graphical interface

youngsters with smaller pictures on Sahka frontpage

sahka file updated, let us have a look at the result.


[Helpdocument|http: //]

ped/oahpa/drill/templates/mgame_n.html (Morfa for nouns) 
ped/oahpa/drill/templates/mgame_l.html (Morfa numerals) 
ped/oahpa/drill/templates/mgame_a.html (Morfa for adjectives) 
ped/oahpa/drill/templates/mgame_v.html (Morfa for verbs) 
ped/oahpa/drill/templates/quizz.html (Leksa common nouns) 
ped/oahpa/drill/templates/quizz_n.html (Leksa placenames) 
ped/oahpa/drill/templates/num.html (Numra cardinal) 
ped/oahpa/drill/templates/num_ord.html (Numra ordinals) 

Example: In order to write instructions for numra:

Open the document ped/oahpa/drill/templates/num.html

Edit instructions like

{% block gamename %}{% endblock %}
{% block instructions %}{% trans "add instructions here in English" %}{% endblock %}

In your own home directory, create the translations:

  • cd ped/oahpa
  • makemessages -a
  • svn ci -m "new generated files" locale/fi/LC_MESSAGES/django.po

... for the other files

Update the translations to the official page.

  • cd /home/oahpa/
  • svn up ped
  • cd ped/oahpa/
  • compilemessages

Insructions block is included: ped/oahpa/drill/templates/game.html

The django template language is documented here:

http: //

in oahpa/drill/templates/num.html

{% block instructions %}{% trans "Forms for numerals." %}{% endblock %}

And correspondingly, in oahpa/locale/fi/LC_MESSAGES/django.po

#: drill/templates/num.html:21
msgid "Forms for numerals."
msgstr "Anna numeraali perusmuodossa."

So, update the Ys and not the Xs in the string above.


Release week

Saara's and Antti's Tromsø trip

In Tromsø Wednesday until Sunday.


  • trond with European min lg charter group 11.00-12.00
  • trond 30 min intro Giellatekno 13.00 at the library
tirsdag 3. februar 2009
Program:(innlagte "kaffepauser" mellom foredragene)
12.00 Velkommen
12.15 - 12.45 Minikurs i samisk ved Samisk språksenter i Ullsfjord
13.00 - 13.30 Foredrag ved Trond Trosterud om det samiske språkteknologiprosjektet Giellatekno
13.45 - 14.15 Foredrag ved Lene Hansen om boka "Storm på kysten"
14.30 - 15.00 Foredrag ved Åse Mette Johansen om mastergradsoppgaven/boka "Velkommen te våres Norge - En kvalitativ studie av
språkbytte og språkbevaring i Manndalen i Gáivuotna/Kåfjord."


  • Lene at course: Monday, Wed and Thur 10-12 and 13-15:


  • Lene seminar
  • Trond 15 min lecture

Kunne du tenke deg å bidra på samisk miniforskningsmaraton (kan hende vi endrer navnet) den 5. februar? Da tenker jeg på en presentasjon på 10-15 min som er populærvitenskapelig og med en tittel som er spenstig. Opplegget blir på aud 2, og innlegget må være på norsk

Do the release

Release party thursday.


  • Send a press release on the release on beforehand.
  • The Labyrinth journalist


this works:

  • http: // => http: //

this is what we want:

  • http: // => http: //
  • http: // => http: //

Milestones, priorities during the last weeks

Think of things for an internal deadline monday the week before, or something.

Task list


  • Actively use Bugzilla


  • valency vs. sem class - Lene makes them all "sem class" - done
  • make rules for "dia-pass" tags - done
  • variable and grammar tag - change the text so it doesn´t need any grammar tag - done
  • visl update
  • contact with Mona Solbakk
  • write better/more instructions


  • Temporarily remove the grammar explanation link
  • dia-pass
  • sets vs. books - only one of them should function at a time
  • generation of tasks - form tag forgotten?
  • reinstall feedback
  • test with the interface language
  • plan the trip to Tromsø
  • forms in lexicon


  • Test the empty cache option for change of metalanguage, report.
  • Look at the template language
  • fix sme-norm.fst (so it will accept "Mun")
  • visl update
  • contact with Else Grete

Next meeting