Meeting notes, Pedagogical programs, 090318


Lene, Saara T


There was more error messages to root this morning. Saara extended the user roof from 100 to 500, hope for better performance.


We install django on our machines, and report experiences to Saara.

The command for this is found in the chapter Install Django locally in the maintenance document.

The database:

We must go to victorio and give permission to some ip number, and then we might access it va that ip number.

Saara looks at the mysql-on-your-own-machine issue.

Also the mysql command is found in the chapter Install Django locally in the maintenance document.

With the heavy traffic we have on the oahpa site now, we really need local development sites.


  • Q: Can we use the debugging mode in Sahka/Vasta?
  • A: No, in your own computer, when you have Django.
  • Q: Adjctive is not there now. Can I just install it?
  • A: I'll install it.
  • Q: There are no HURRA-comments now. Can I just install them?
  • A: Yes
  • Q: Have you tried out alternative grammartags in answers in Morfa C?
  • A: Does not work

Use sme-ped.cg3.bin ?

/usr/local/bin/vislcg3 -->


Links for navigating from Sahka to Sahka?

sudo chmod a+x /opt/smi/sme/bin/*

Go to the admin: http: //


Lowercased propernouns now in place.

Mun orun romssas.
Stedsnavnet skal ha stor forbokstav?

Also á and possibly missing consonant gradation, this is a future fix.


Went thorugh the doc.

The log


  1. Sahka and Vasta included in the log
  2. IP numbers in log (to monitor users according to country, etc. ...)

Future file structure of make-remake

   /ped <--- ped lg-independent and technical stuff here
        /ped  <------- ped sme catalogue here