The pedagogical portal

The present front page

We have made a portal collecting the different teaching resources: It should eventually get a more snappy url, perhaps or

The Oahpa front page is an introductory text. At the end of this text, there are links to a background text and to resources elsewhere.

The left context documents and links to the games:

  • The langauge games
    • Numra - The number game (former Logut)
    • ????? - The clock game (name still open; Klohka, Diibmu, Biellu, Biella all already more or less rejected)
    • Morfa - the interactive morphology training games
    • Leksa - The word quiz game
    • Vasta - The question-answer game
    • Sahka - The dialogue game
  • The grammar games
    • visl games (with linking into different games)
  • Language resources (the giellatekno resources)
    • Dictionaries
    • Paradigm generation
  • Text analysis

Improvements to the portal

The front page text should be shorter (one smallscreenful). At the moment, the background text is made into the frontpage, not exactly a friendly hello.

The main overhaul will come with the graphical designer in the autumn.