Skolt Sami Oahpa

The goal of the project is to make Oahpa available to Skolt Sámi in Finland, Norway and Russia.

Skolt Sámi and Oahpa


Oahpa has 6 programs, nicely dividing themselves in 3 groups

  1. Learn words
    1. Leksa: Basic vocabulary
    2. Numra: Numerals, clock and dates
  2. Learn to inflect
    1. Morfa-S: Inflect words
    2. Morfa-C: Inflect words in context
  3. Learn to write sentences
    1. Vasta: Answer to questions
    2. Sahka: Chat with the computer

The Morfa programs require a morphological analyser, and the Sentence programs require a syntax analyser. For the North Sámi Oahpa all 6 programs are most developed.

Skolt Sámi Oahpa

The plan for the moment is to create the programs Leksa and Numra for Skolt Sámi. Morfa requires a finite state transducer, which is not yet available.

Lexical items for the Skolt Sámi Oahpa are taken from a beginners' textbook prepared in three languages (Finnish, Russian, Norwegian) by the project Skolt Sámi Culture Across Borders.

The current trial version 0.2 was compiled in August 2012. It includes about 100 lexical items in English, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian and Skolt Sámi.