Meeting 19.12.13

Participants: Jack, Sulev, Heli.


  • Computer for Sulev
  • Work on Võro FST
  • What else is needed for Võro Oahpa
  • Next meeting

Computer for Sulev

So far Sulev has e-mailed his data to Jack. Sulev needs a possibility to check in his data himself ASAP, thus an own Mac laptop.

Work on Võro FST

Jack and Sulev are working on Yaml tests. Current status: Võro FST is able to give a correct morphological analysis to 22% of words in "Uma leht" materials. Main lexicon: main/langs/vro/src/morphology/vro-all.lexc

What else is needed for Võro Oahpa

  • Dictionary of basic vocabulary (ca 2000-3000 words) - how to obtain that? There is an online dictionary synaq.org that even has links to pronunciations (audio files in .vaw and .mp3 formats). We can extract a frequency dictionary from the "Uma leht" corpus. Example of a source file of synaq.org? The structure of the dictionary entry?


  • Heli will contact Heiki: Sulev needs a Mac laptop.
  • Jack, Sulev will continue working on Võro morhpological finite state transducer. Include more words from main/langs/vro/src/morphology/missingfreq.txt and at least one word from each inflection type.
  • Sulev will ask the developer of synaq.org about an example source file of the dictionary.

Next meeting

15. January 10.00 Estonian/Finnish time