Speller meeting

Release planning

What is needed for a new release:

  • a working installer
  • working plx conversion


The answer from the company in Tromsø will arrive tomorrow.

But we have another option: Tino Didriksen


  • get a proper quote from the Tromsø company regarding a fixed installer/fixed registry entries (Børre)

PLX conversion

Fixed existing failed tests. For tomorrow: add one failing test from the regression data, and try to fix it.


  • fix the PLX codes for the two reject strings presently accepted (Tomi)
    • done
  • fix the as problem in the regular expression for test data (Tomi)
    • Tomi: rather use a different set of test data
  • work on test bench improvements (Tomi)
    • working

Release plan

Meeting every afternoon, solving one issue at a time until we have a release candidate.