Speller meeting

Release planning

What is needed for a new release:

  • a working installer
  • working plx conversion


Tomi's contact didn't return anything yet. Sjur hasn't contacted Tino yet, will do it after the meeting.


  • send an answer that we will investigate a couple of other options before we decide (Børre)


  • check out some details from the friend of Tomi, and perhaps a price from the friend (of the friend) (Tomi)
  • write to Tino and ask whether he can do it, and for what price (Sjur)

PLX conversion

A new speller is out, but no substantial improvement. Tomi needs to add the new test words to the test speller in the PLX conversion test bench, to check that theyt behave the same as in the full speller, and use them as the basis for fixing the remaining bugs.


  • add the test new words added by Thomas to the test speller (Tomi)
  • work on test bench improvements (Tomi)

Release plan

Meeting every afternoon, solving one issue at a time until we have a release candidate.