Speller meeting

Release planning

What is needed for a new release:

  • a working installer
  • working plx conversion



  • write to Tino and ask whether he can do it, and for what price (Sjur)
    • no answer yet
  • check out some details from the friend of Tomi, and perhaps a price from the friend (of the friend) (Tomi)
    • not the right kind of guy for our present needs


  • follow up on Tino (Sjur)

PLX conversion

The new test words added to the PLX test bench display several double hyphen bugs. These should be solved before we try to add more test words.


  • add new test words to the test speller (Tomi)


  • add the test new words added by Thomas to the test speller (Tomi)
    • some of the words Tomi has been able to add, some not because of regex issues with matching against the fst strings
    • this could be solved more easily in the new infra (easy to match against stems/lemmas)
  • work on test bench improvements (Tomi)

Release plan

Meeting every afternoon, solving one issue at a time until we have a release candidate.