Speller meeting

Release planning

What is needed for a new release:

  • a working installer
  • working plx conversion


We received answer from Tino. Main points:

  • he hasn't got the hyphenation working (either)
  • no news on Home and Student editions
  • he uses another installer, which produces MSI files, not exe files
    • this can also be done with NSIS
  • valuable comments on registry entries & catalogues
  • he has no time this year


  • can Tino make an installer with the PLX DLL's?
  • we need a registry entry for every Office version (for admin install/HKLM entries)
    • we need to identify the registry key/dir//location for every supported Office version
  • do we need some sort of MS certificate?


  • stick with NSIS
  • build MSI packages
  • look for outsourcing possibilities (see NSIS home page)


  • follow up on Tino (Sjur)


  • find an outsourcing option (Børre, Sjur)

PLX conversion

Hyphen issue in PLX conversion.

%- -> 0 || _ .#. ;


  • hopefully solved the double hyphen constructions & suggestions


  • add a rewrite rule to remove string-final hyphens for RCmpnd words (Tomi)

Release plan

Meeting every afternoon, solving one issue at a time until we have a release candidate.