Speller meeting

What is needed for a new release:

  • a working installer
  • working plx conversion


Variablar for installeraren:

  • Variablar relevante for om ting funkar i det heile:
    • Office-versjon: 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013
    • Windows-versjon: XP, Vista, W7, W8
    • språkkode: ISO (se-NO) vs LCID (1083)
    • bit-versjon for Windows: 32b vs 64b
  • variablar uavhengig av grunnleggjande funksjonalitet:
    • Office-utgåve: home/student vs pro/full
    • installeringsmodus: admin/rot/nett vs lokal brukar vs terminalserver

Verkty for debugging:

  • dependencywalker


  • run dependencywalker on our dll's to check what the dependencies are, and possibly add dependency reqiurements to the MSI package (Børre) - nothing found
  • check with Geir Tore whether we can get a couple of Windows and Office versions for testing (Børre) - waiting for mail about access to those versions from Anders Ryssdal


  • test MSI package, esp. with admin install and different Win/Office combos ( UiT/IT, Sjur)
  • compare different sets of registry entries, to try to find differences tbat can explain the terminal server bug (Børre)
  • we need to get feedback on how the new installer works when installed as admin - does it work for all users without further actions? (Børre)


  • find an outsourcing option (Børre, Sjur)
  • next week: try updating NSIS ourselves (Børre, Sjur)
    • using Tino's documentation & old docu's from PLX
  • send a request to an NSIS developer e-mail list (Sjur)
  • try to find an NSIS script for building MSI packages (Børre)
  • add Windows 8 support to our installer (if possible)

PLX conversion

One ommission - that can't explain the reduced size - is that particles like almma, bat, ges, han have been lost in the latest spellers. — FIXED in the latest svn, but no speller yet, and thus no speller test results.

Remaining PLX bugs:

First PRI

Words are accepted and suggested in their compounding-form

cmp-form-suggestions váigas, suolo 581,909,803,912

Discovered one case of compounds without hyphen:

non-hyph noun+acro cmps muoreNRK 805 FIXED


hyphened suggestion guolli-busse,rátnu-biellu, stohpu-spiidni- 397,489,721,802 etc


PROP+NOUN Oslo-biila, Helsset-vuođđuduvvan, Unicode-doarjja, SF-muorra 397,426,611,930,931


NO STEM-VOWEL SHORTENING rátnu-biellu, 489




NO HYPH PREF+NOUN julevua-gielas, juleva-gielas 629

This is analysed as:

a-gielas	a-giella+N+Sg+Loc
julevu-	julevu+N+RCmpnd

a-gielas is an entry in the lexicon HyphNouns, a set of nouns requiring hyphens in front of them. Solution: tag all words in LEXICON HyphNouns as +CmpN/First.


ALPH+NOUN u-joavku 785,818

First and a half PRI


DEVERBAL+noun+clit not rec. vástidanproseantage, hárjehaddanmuorragen 451

Second Last PRI

Section for Tags-not-working

doesn't follow cmp-tags sámedikkepresideanta 489
+CmpN/None in comp-sugg 1883-as, Juovla-CD-as 508,717
+Use/SpellNoSugg alhpabet gets suggested: a,đ etc 461

Bugs below this line can be left out of the next release if we are short on time.


imposs" cmps along w num.0-geažideapmigárvu (geažideapmigárvu is impossible) 536,1145 NEW SUGGESTION: geažideapmi-gárvu-
num cmp: s on 0- 051-nummarat 631
name/noun+adv cmps Kuorak-ain, NRK-an 642,913
hyphened suggestions deahtta-samus +A+Attr +Noun 940
non-ex. word accepted saame 658

Last PRI

doesn't understand caps 1700-LOHKU 647
Left cmp-tags don't work biilarievttijođiheaddjái 819 THESE ARE NOW RECOGNIZED, BUT DOESN'T GET SUGGESTED


  • Tomi has solved one more PLX bug (muoraNRK bug), but it looks like it has caused several regressions.


  • investigate the reduced PLX file size (Tomi)
  • solve the remaining PLX bugs one by one (Tomi)

Release plan

  • December 1:
    • PLX bugs solved
    • Alpha installer (MSI package built using WIX)
  • December 10: Beta release
  • December 20: Divvun 3 release