Speller meeting

What is needed for a new release:

  • a working installer
  • working plx conversion


Variablar for installeraren:

  • Variablar relevante for om ting funkar i det heile:
    • Office-versjon: 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013
    • Windows-versjon: XP, Vista, W7, W8
    • språkkode: ISO (se-NO) vs LCID (1083)
    • bit-versjon for Windows: 32b vs 64b
  • variablar uavhengig av grunnleggjande funksjonalitet:
    • Office-utgåve: home/student vs pro/full
    • installeringsmodus: admin/rot/nett vs lokal brukar vs terminalserver

Verkty for debugging:

  • dependencywalker

Børre has installed different proofing tools recording registry settings before and after. Has installed:

  • Divvun 1.1 (PL - exe by InstallShield)
  • Divvun 2.2 (PL - exe by NSIS)
  • Greenlandic 2 (Lingsoft - exe by InstallShield)
  • Greenlandic 3 (Tino - MSI by WiX)
  • Bokmål installer from the Office 2010 Pro, English, with a Norwegian language pack (MS - MSI)

There's a separate document  containing the test results for different combinations of MS Office and Windows versions.


  • Børre har installert og diffa mykje, sjå over


  • look at further combinations of Windows and Office (Børre)
    • working on it
  • get a proper MS certificate, to remove the warning users get when installing (Børre)


  • find an outsourcing option (Børre, Sjur)
  • next week: try updating NSIS ourselves (Børre, Sjur)
    • using Tino's documentation & old docu's from PLX
  • send a request to an NSIS developer e-mail list (Sjur)
  • try to find an NSIS script for building MSI packages (Børre)
  • add Windows 8 support to our installer (if possible)

PLX conversion

Remaining PLX bugs:

First PRI

Words are accepted and suggested in their compounding-form

cmp-form-suggestions váigas 581,912 FIXED


PROP+NOUN Mihkalmas-beaivi 593

Second Last PRI

Section for Tags-not-working

doesn't follow cmp-tags sámedikkepresideanta 489
+CmpN/None in comp-sugg 1883-as 508
as	as+N+ACR+Sg+Acc
as	as+N+ACR+Sg+Gen
as	as+N+ACR+Sg+Nom


Thomas want this to be fixed:

STRANGE SUGGESTION-PRIORITIES guollibusse > Vuolli-busse (and not the expected: guollebusse) 397,917 oaivebussiid, guollebussiid not suggested SEE ALSO 917 bargomáhtuid

Bugs below this line can be left out of the next release if we are short on time.


imposs" cmps along w num. 0-geažideapmigárvu (geažideapmigárvu is impossible) 536,1145 NO SUGGESTIONS - GOOD - BUT:
imposs" cmps sákkasteapmifierbmi> (225) aseákkasteapmifierbmi ase- 536 REGRESSION
--"-- (225) asiákkasteapmifierbmi asi-
--"-- (225) ásaákkasteapmifierbmi ása-
--"-- (225) áseákkasteapmifierbmi áse-
--"-- (225) ásoákkasteapmifierbmi áso-
--"-- (225) ásuákkasteapmifierbmi ásu-
--"-- (221) ášoákkasteapmifierbmi ášo-
--"-- (221) ášuákkasteapmifierbmi ášu-
num cmp: s on 0- 051-nummarat 631
name/noun+adv cmps Kuorak-ain 642 - FIXED
non-ex. word accepted saame 658

ain is an adverb:

ain	ain+Adv

and should not be allowed to compound.

Last PRI

doesn't understand caps 1700-LOHKU 647


not recognized anymore recognized biilarievttijođiheaddjái 819


  • Tomi has solved even more PLX bugs


  • investigate the inconsistent PLX conversion bug, cf guollibusse ( Tomi)
  • solve the remaining PLX bugs one by one (Tomi)

Release plan

The December 1 goal has passed, without meeting the targets. On the plus side is that the number of open PLX bugs have been greatly reduced, and Tomi are squashinhg PLX bugs all the time. It just takes more time than anticipated.

The installer was not easily solved by the WiX alternative - it turned out that the Greenlandic proofing tools installer has the same problems as we have.

Re-scheduling the release plan:

  • New deadline December 20:
    • PLX bugs solved
    • if met, we'll release a 2.3 update using the NSIS installer, and mainly linguistic improvements for SME
  • January 4: new Windows installer Alpha
  • January 10: Beta release, PLX fixes for SMA and SMJ
  • January 21: Divvun 3 release