Plan for administrative terminology (forvaltningsordbok)

People working on the first phase of the project: Børre, Ciprian, Francis, Trond. The next phase will involve lexicographers.

Background and project outline

Project 08431 from FAD for work on Forvaltningsordboken. The Prosjektskisse is the original project outline.

Revised deadlines


Project plan

This is for sme. We wait with sma, smj.

  1. Sentence align (Ciprian, Børre)
  2. Word align and make parallel wordlists (Francis)
  3. Check for relevant vocabulary (BM)
  4. Integrate the resulting list into Autshumato (Ciprian, etc.)

Work ahead

  1. Correct the sentence alignment
  2. Rerun the parallel list

We need a new version of the parallel list, but with input from what we have:

  • Use the improved sentence-aligned corpus
  • Improve the tag usage for word alignment
    • For both lgs: POS and derivation tags, valency tags:
    • We need info on Pass for nob (Francis)
    • We do not want tense-person-number for sme verbs
  • Find threshold number (BM)

Status quo, progress (comments in here)

Old month reports are in the background document.

Milestones, deadlines (overview)