Korp Karp Installation

Korp is a Corpus tool and Karp a Lexicon tool from the Swedish Språkbanken. We want to install them locally.


The Korp code:

Links to the Karp code are forthcoming.

Work plan

  • Download Korp code
  • Install at gtweb
  • Install corpora
  • Make interface

Corpora available

  • Free
    • skuvlahistorja1-6
    • fad
  • Bound
    • news
    • ficti
    • NT

Corpus mixes

  • smesme: news + ficti
  • nob2sme: fad + skuvlahistorja1-6
  • smedep: news + ficti + facta/skuvlahistorja1-6 + bibel/newtestament



  1. search for sme wordforms (kwic-snt in corpus ccat) – corpus: smesme
  2. search for sme lemmas (kwic-snt? in analysed corpus syn) – corpus choices: smesme, nob2sme
  3. search for sme and nob in translations (lemma search in sentence aligned sentences) – corpus: nob2sme
  4. deepdict sme (lemma search -> dependency daughters in corpus dep) – corpus: smedep



  • lexeme = member of an open lexical category, having meaning and form but being neither
  • lemma = wordform used as representative for lexeme
  • grammatical word pair of lemma+grammatical properties and wordform
  • paradigm = set of grammatical words realising a lemma
  • lemgram = set of wordforms in paradigm


Generation of lemgrams from lexc:

Use dict-isme-norm.fst or generator-dict-gt-norm.xfst or generator-dict-gt-norm.hfst. We remove the tags v1, v2.. from the fst. It is better for the user that all variants of the same paradigm are in the same lemgram. Many fst-lemmas have more than one entry in lexc, so the list should be uniqed before generating forms. I suggest that we start with these files:

For nouns, we pick different 3 lists: The ordinary nouns, the actors (NomAg), and the G3-marked nouns. For the other parts of speech, one command is enough. Commands to filter (ir)relevant forms:


  • Ordinary words:
egrep -v "(G3|ACTOR|CmpN/Only|ShCmp|RCmpnd|\+V\+|^\!)"
  • ACTOR:
grep N+NomAg
  • G3:
grep N+G3


egrep -v "(ENDLEX|\+V|^\!)"


egrep -v "(LEXICON|Der| Rreal | R |^\!)"


egrep -v "(LEXICON| K |^\!)"